The Search To Ease Achy Joints Is Finally Over!

A Newly-Discovered Form of Collagen Could Help You Get Back
to Doing the Things You Love

February 26, 2021

by Charlie T.

“Life begins at 40!” So do aching joints, unfortunately.

Many people go from enjoying their favorite pastimes to being sidelined by aches and pains soon after they blow out 40 candles on a birthday cake.

That’s what happened to two active—and seemingly healthy—readers.

44-year-old Carol was an avid squash player for most of her life. Up until 12-months ago she was still playing twice per week for her local club. But then her doctor put a stop to it.

Years of pounding the court, sprinting for returns and twisting to reach backhands took their toll on her knee mobility.

Being forced from the game was hard for Carol. And having to take painkillers daily further lowered her mood.

So she looked for some other activity to get her out of the house to relieve some stress. After all, as a chef and a part-time carer to her diabetic mother, she needed some form of decompression.

So she did what any sane woman with new-found time on her hands would do—she went shopping with her best friend.

While browsing in a store for some jeans, Carol squatted at the bottom shelf of the rack to find her size. When she tried to get up, something popped: “I was stuck down there. I had to yell to my friend to come and give me a hand to help me up. Not being able to get up was scary.”

Carol didn't want to spend the rest of her life asking for help and didn’t want to increase her medication, so she looked for natural remedies.

She found one, around the same time as one of our other readers.

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Stuart 56, took early retirement from his career as an architect. He was looking forward to spending his golden years indulging his two new loves: photography and playing with his 3 small grandchildren.

And yet these new pursuits were cut short by aches and pains.

“All the joints in my arms and shoulder started to ache every day. It got to the point where every time I raised my arms to bring the camera to my face, I felt a searing pain. When I was in the garden with my children and grandchildren, I put the camera on the floor, telling them I was trying to get a ‘worm's eye’ view and a different angle. I didn't want to tell them that it was painful to lift the camera.

After that, I shelved my camera for 6 months because I couldn't live with the pain.”

Now, Carol and Stuart have a lot in common:

Both are middle-aged, active, and suffering from joint discomfort. Also, they both found a long-term, natural remedy at the same time.

Collagen Helps Promote Rapid Recovery

Collagen is the main component of cartilage in the human body. Type 2 collagen is what makes cartilage strong and elastic.

This is why children are so flexible and recover so quickly.
As we age, we lose collagen—weakening the cartilage and providing less support for the joints.

But there's good news...

One Recovery & Relief Product—CartiACT—Has Put Undenatured Type II (UC II) Collagen at the Core of its Patented Formula

UC II enhances synovial fluid around the joints.

Synovial fluid is like squirting oil around a door hinge—it keeps your joints moving smoothly and without squeaking.

In addition to the patented form of collagen, CartiACT contains a further 5 clinically-tested and proven ingredients: Qminflex (Turmeric)Vitamin K2, Black Sesame Extract and Milk Calcium.


This spice has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine to reduce joint stiffness.

Vitamin K2

This fat-soluble vitamin transports calcium directly to your bones.

Black Sesame Extract

Ancient Taiwanese medicine has long touted the anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient.

Milk Calcium

Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium for strong and healthy bones. For those who are intolerant, milk calcium is the ideal supplement.

This natural formula promises to provide relief from stiff joints and soreness.

If you don’t see improvement that quickly, don't worry — CartiACT are giving you further 23 days—as part of their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to test the formula.

Back to a Healthy, Drug-Free, Normal Life

Both Stuart and Carol are back to joyful, active lives with their friends and families.

CartiACT has helped Carol reduce swelling and inflammation around her knees. She has since eliminated her medicine. And the best part: she has stopped her expensive (and painful) shopping habit and is back playing squash two times per week.

Stuart, after taking CartiACT for three months has rebuilt the cartilage in his knee and no longer wears his knee brace. He indulges in his love for photography again. And he is not only lifting his cameras to eye level again but also his increasingly heavy grandchildren, so he can look into their eyes.

Want to reduce joint pain while increasing function and flexibility?

Take the First Step Right Now

Click on the link below to learn more about how to promote recovery in achy joints.

What CartiACT Customers Are Saying

  Nancy · a day ago

Good Product!

I'm 43 but already have joint pain from arthritis especially in my hips. My hips get very sore and even painful after I exercise, I'm not one to sit around and let something take me down! I've been taking this about a week and can already feel some improvement! I will put this on subscribe and save so I don't run out!

Yes, I recommend this product.

  Linsay · a day ago

A must for those long work shifts

I have tried these a few times before. I did notice an improvement in my knees especially. I quit them and in a few months noticed a lot more pain and tenderness. I started back and will not quit again. I work as a nurse and my shifts are 12+ hours. I am back to being able to work those shifts without extreme pain and discomfort.

Yes, I recommend this product.

  Dan · 2 days ago

Helps a lot

I've had knee issues for a long time to the point when I sit down and got up I could barely move. I was willing to try anything I could find to get better. I started using this and after around 2-3 years I was fine. I was able to stop using it. It works! I only took it once a day though it said to take it more...I got better. I still have knee problems but I am 60...I was 43 then. This product does work!

Yes, I recommend this product.

  Jane · 3 days ago

Great Results

Felt the difference in days, faster than I expected. Joints were stiff, feel much better now.

Yes, I recommend this product.

  Michael · 4 days ago

Good Deal

My wife said that her knee pain has eased after taking it for three months, because the cold weather will make her feel sometimes knee pain when going downstairs, but so far this year, she said that she feels good and hopes to keep going.

Yes, I recommend this product.

  Ben · 6 days ago

Yes! I recommend...

Cartiact is a fantastic product! I exercise daily, and I do have knee problems. Lots of popping and just basic stiffness. Dosage recommendation is 2 a day, but actually I take one at night. Never took in the morning, so I'm not sure how well this would work on an empty stomach etc but I can tell a huge difference in the mobility of my joints. No stiffness, a very lubricated feeling. If I miss a few days, I can tell.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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